Mayhem Film Festival Presents Ten Days Of Genre Film During MAYHEM X

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Mayhem Film Festival Presents Ten Days Of Genre Film During MAYHEM X
The Mayhem Film Festival will descend once again on Nottingham, England this October. To celebrate their ten-year anniversary, the festival is expanding their usual weekend-long program to ten days. 

Chris Cooke, co-director of Mayhem, says: "This year, Mayhem will be just as packed as ever with brand new, never seen before releases and we're really excited about our opening film, a real treat for regular attendees of the festival and those who have never been before. With Teen Mayhem, Certificate X and the main festival it means the genre can really be given the attention and love it deserves. And then of course, straight after four days of horror, we have even more to look forward to for Sci-Fi fans in December..."

Starting on October 25, the festival presents two new programmes: Teen Mayhem and Mayhem X. Teen Mayhem will be an "introduction to the genre for a younger audience, aimed to inspire them to better engage with the genre through screenings, masterclasses and workshops". Then the program switches over to Mayhem X, where a series of screenings will look at the history and context of the X certificate in films. The X certificate was the first age-restrictive BBFC certificate, denoting adults-only films, introduced back in 1951, and replacing the H rating for horror films. It would be removed in 1982. 

The festival will mark the one-month countdown to Mayhem X with a special screening of Canuck werewolf flick Wolfcop on September 28. Hence, that is why I selected a sexy image of the hairy law-enforcer for this article. (Some may be reminded of Burt Reynolds' pose for the April 1972 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine.) You will find a link for ticket information below. 
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