Full Disclosure 2014 The Directors Cut: Alfred Hitchcock

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This month, the Master of Suspense himself, Alfred Hitchcock would have been celebrating his 115th birthday. But while he shuffled off his mortal coil back in 1980, his legacy remains as healthy as ever thanks to a hugely innovative, influential, enduring and damn entertaining body of work. In a career spanning more than five decades, Hitch directed over 50 features, both in England and Hollywood, worked with the biggest names in the industry, and is still heralded today as one of cinema's greatest ever filmmakers. 

In honour of the great man, this month's Full Disclosure sees Team ScreenAnarchy dig deep into Hitchcock's impressive oeuvre and experience some of his varied cinematic offerings for the very first time.

Ard Vijn, Shelagh Rowan-Legg, Ernesto Zelaya Miñano, Jaime Grijalba Gomez, Jim Tudor, Peter Martin, Pierce Conran and Christopher O'Keeffe contributed to this story.

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