Fantasia 2014 Review: I AM A KNIFE WITH LEGS Cuts Away Comedy Conventions

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Fantasia 2014 Review: I AM A KNIFE WITH LEGS Cuts Away Comedy Conventions
It feels like there are no words to describe I Am A Knife With Legs

Just the title alone should give you an indication of the level of absurdity this comic gem reaches. It is utterly bizarre. Screamingly hilarious. Totally unconventional. A film like this does not get created within the studio system. Instead the idea of it permeates one's mind and sits there, gestating, waiting to come out in shots of comic genius. 

International Europop star Bené is in hiding. He has discovered that a fatwa has been taken out on him. All he can do is wait as Death comes for him. When we meet Bené he stands in the window of his safe house, eating an eclair and drinking a coffee. Clearly he has come to terms it. His manager Beefy has taken it upon himself to protect his star and prepare him for Death's arrival. Bené will take us on a journey, the story of his life up to this point and beyond. And possibly evade a highly trained child assassin. You will be regaled with tales of whimsy and amusement. And take time out for a musical interlude, or a half dozen. Anything seems possible in this wild and truly independent comedy. 

Picture if you will a Europop star past his prime with wispy hair. White leather shoes and pants all colors of the rainbow. The most important part of this ensemble is Bené's t-shirts. He cuts ab-holes into them (Jones wore it on stage last night during the Q&A) so everyone can check out his sexy abs. If he were able to go outside that is. It is just an indication of that absurdity that rocks throughout the film but also Bené's sense of self importance as well. 

And though he may think that his abs are one of his best selling points Bené needs pointers from Beefy on how to hop a railing and escape his apartment, should that assassin (pronounce S.S.N.) come to his door. But, when motivated by fear and being chased by said assassin he can vault fences. Yeah. Fear, adrenaline and sexy abs will do that for a man. 

This comedic oddity was created over the course of seven years by writer / producer / director / composer / editor / sound designer / star Bennett Jones. The character Bené was conceived by Jones to perform at a friend's function. That was around seven years ago. Since then Jones and his cast and crew have gone back to that character and his world from time to time. Jones somehow created a narrative backbone for an assembly of absurdest sketches and musical numbers. And kills it. 

That Jones can go back again and kill the same joke later in the film is a testament as to how genius this movie is. There is a tonne of wordplay, physical and visual gags. Jones' years of experience on the comedy circuit and his appreciation for influences like Python and The Show have honed his skill and timing to perfection. There really is not a dull moment in the entire film. from the over the top moments and foot chases to a moment of bromance divided only by a shower curtain each and every moment of this film ripples with comedic brilliance. 

Definitely worth checking it out if you love underground comedy cinema that challenges that status quo. 

I Am a Knife with Legs

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