The Director Of UNIT 7 Returns With Dark Thriller MARSHLAND

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The Director Of UNIT 7 Returns With Dark Thriller MARSHLAND
With his 2012 effort Unit 7, director Alberto Rodriguez scored a major critical and commercial success in Spain packing out cinemas and scoring multiple Goya awards with his taut tale of corrupt police. And Rodriguez returns to Spanish screens in September with his latest effort, Marshland, a dark thriller starring Raul Arevalo, Javier Guteierrez and Antonio de la Torre.

The Spanish deep South, 1980. A series of brutal murders of adolescent girls in a remote and forgotten town bring together two disparate characters - both detectives in the homicide division - to investigate the cases. With deep divisions in their ideology, detectives Juan and Pedro must put aside their differences if they are to successfully hunt down a killer who for years has terrorized a community in the shadow of a general disregard for women rooted in a misogynistic past.
If you're thinking "Oh! A Spanish True Detective!" then you're not the only one and the first trailer looks as though it should live up to those expectations of quality. Check it out below.

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