Hey Coffee Lovers, Smell This: AROMA OF HEAVEN Trailer

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Hey Coffee Lovers, Smell This: AROMA OF HEAVEN Trailer
The original Bahasa Indonesia title of Aroma Of Heaven is Biji Kopi Indonesia, which translates as "Indonesian Coffee Beans," and could easily be mistaken for a documentary to promote Indonesian coffee. 

Nope, it goes back further to explore a commodity that is ingrained deeply in our culture and everyday life. It dates back 300 years to the colonial era, when the indigenes were not permitted to drink from the very coffee they planted, and moves forward to the present day, when, ironically, most of the best coffee beans produced in Indonesia are exported to foreign countries, while the inferior, defective product is distributed to the locals.

Here's the official synopsis:

Armed with nothing but innate curiosity and a small crew, the filmmakers endured a polemic journey through the world of Indonesian coffee, which has a history rooted more than 300 years ago. We started compiling this movie in 2011.

The filmmakers spent the last few years meeting with a variety of thought leaders as well as traditional farmers - remarkable men and women from the worlds of science, philosophy, academia, anthropology, business and agriculture

Tradition, culture, arts, faith and indigenous beliefs contributed to Indonesia's coffee history.

More than just describing the origin of the flavor of coffee, more than just trends and lifestyle of coffee drinking, Biji Kopi Indonesia is an utterly engaging documentary film that poses the provocative question: how well do we know the coffee that we consume every day? The result is up to the viewer themselves to answer.

Check out the trailer below.
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