Watch The Exclusive First Teaser For Japanese-Korean Thriller A RECORD OF SWEET MURDER

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Watch The Exclusive First Teaser For Japanese-Korean Thriller A RECORD OF SWEET MURDER
After making a splash on the international genre scene with his appropriately titled feature Grotesque, Japanese director Shiraishi Koji returns with Japanese-Korean co-pro A Record Of Sweet Murder and, once again, he's headed for the dark side.

Soyeon is an active journalist on a mission for social justice. One day, she receives a call from a serial killer. Revealing himself as Soyeon's childhood friend Sangjoon, he is a fugitive on the run after escaping from a mental institute and killing 18 people. His request is surprisingly a personal interview.

Agreeing to help her friend redeem himself, Soyeon brings a Japanese cameraman to the killer's hideout as requested. With no idea on what to expect, she steps into a gamble to find the truth behind her old friend.  They meet at an old, abandoned apartment.

Sangjoon threatens the cameraman to record everything in one continuous cut as he explains the reasons for the murders. To Soyeon's terror, Sangjoon goes deeper into his story and reveals that the finale' is to happen now in front of her eyes.

From murder to rape, confusion and terror, Soyeon desperately tries to make sense of the situation and prevent a terrible fate that may befall on her childhood friend, as well as herself.
Backed by Japanese production company Nikkatsu, who will soon be presenting the film to the sales market in Cannes, we've got the first teaser (English subtitled included) below.

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