10 Indonesian Horror Films From The Last Decade You Need To Watch

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Horror is a very popular genre here in Indonesia. So far this year, 2 of the 5 top earning local films have been horror, but it is also a genre that is often flooded with poorly made product, expected to prove an instant cash cow. it's so much easier to pick the best rather than the worst, since there's a never-ending list of those. In this gallery me and my pal Witra Asliga suggest 10 Indonesian horror films since early 2000 that you should definitely check out. If you think we've missed anything off the list, let us know in the comments!

Jelangkung (aka The Uninvited) (2001)
This was the very first Indonesian horror film i watched in a movie theatre and one of the films that kickstarted the rise of Indonesian cinema. Back then the visuals weren't as good as in foreign movies, but that just added a more atmospheric quality to it. Jelangkung is a very well known game to call upon a supernatural being, and all the ghosts (or whatever you wanna call them) are very familiar to our general knowledge and everyday life. After watching this film, as cliched as this will sound, i just can't sleep alone, and refuse to revisit it again after all these years. It was followed by the equally good sequel Tusuk Jelangkung.

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