Review: MOONE BOY Season 2 Is Very Fecking Good

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Tales of boyhood, of one's family, and one's town, are a down right staple in TV Land. From Leave It To Beaver to The Wonder Years, it seems that every decade of television must have at least one iconic male-centered coming-of-age show (even when said show takes place a couple of decades behind present day).

In 2012, actor Chris O'Dowd and co-writer Nick Vincent Murphy decided to fictionalize their own rise to adolescence on the small screen. Those who took notice of their efforts were treated to the earnestly charming, delightfully goofy and occasionally bawdy Moone Boy... which consists of the chronicles of one young Martin Moone (David Rawle), his imaginary friend Sean Murphy (O'Dowd), and the whole Moone clan in the small town of Boyle, Ireland, circa 1989-1990.

With the arrival of season 2, it can now be argued that Moone Boy is this TV decade's defining male-centered coming-of-ager.

The fact that it takes place over 20 years ago is most certainly a part of its charm. O'Dowd and Murphy's don't necessarily come from a place of nostalgia with their look at the early 90s, but have a chirpy, kooky fondness for what were, for them, more innocent times. And they do this without ever stripping away any content that would be considered more adult in tone, whether it be sexual, political or ethical. 

For instance when we last left the Moone clan, eldest daughter Fedelma had been knocked up by Dessie, the church choir and band director. That story is the one arc that is seen through in this second season, which is mostly made of standalone tales. 

Premiering on Hulu today in the United States, season 2 is reviewed in full over the next few pages. Click to the right of those adorable mugs (bearded and unbearded) below, and we'll go episode by episode to see how it all stacks up. 
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