Gritty Second Teaser For Icelandic Thriller CITY STATE 2

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Gritty Second Teaser For Icelandic Thriller CITY STATE 2
Icelandic director Olaf De Fleur returns to the scene of the crime with City State 2, the sequel to the surprise Icelandic hit which is currently slated to be remade in the US by James Mangold. The first was a compelling bit of crime fiction, a realistic take on police corruption and organized crime, with this latest effort picking up right where the first left off. And while there may be no subtitles included on this second teaser that doesn't seem to matter very much because, as our resident Icelander puts it, it's 'all dramatic and shit'. He is correct and it's hard to argue with that logic. Check it out below.

Borgríki 2 - Teaser #2 from Olaf de Fleur on Vimeo.

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