Crowdfund This! BRAINGASM And ASMR

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Crowdfund This!  BRAINGASM And ASMR
Who doesn't want a pleasurable tingling sensation to light up their brain?  The term "autonomous sensory meridian response" (ASMR) is marked by a pleasurable tingling sensation - a micro-platonic-orgasm - often felt in the head. This can be triggered by anything from getting a haircut, hearing a paint brush against canvas, to listening to someone whisper. Not everyone feels it, but some of the lucky ones have joined together to create a social media movement that's changing lives.

Lindsay Ragone's doc on the subject - and any movement that chooses the afro haired PBS painter Bob Ross as their unofficial patron saint is good in my book - traces the history of the online community that has sprung up spontaneously over the past few years on Youtube and beyond.  

These online videos of whispering and soft spoken members flipping book pages, stroking fabrics and swishing beads, in the words of the filmmaker, "Actively help each other battle insomnia, depression, and even loneliness through creative expression."

The Braingasm Kickstarter Campaign is hoping to raise enough money to finish principle photography on the project that has been in production for some time (Twitch ran the initial teaser trailer last year).
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