International TV Roundup: A Quality Quartet From The BBC In 2014

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While the bulk of our coverage here at ScreenAnarchy is dominantly film related we do love a good bit of TV, particularly when the TV in question is ... well ... good. And though the year is early it is already shaping up to be very strong, indeed, over at the BBC where they are following up 2013 hits such as Peaky Blinders, Top Of The Lake and The Fall with a continued run of high quality work. Here are four - two comedies, two dramas - that we've loved already in 2014. Of them two are currently airing so if you use the BBC iPlayer you can catch up easily enough, for the others keep an eye out for them on Netflix or other streaming services.

And for our international readers: What else should we be looking for? More good stuff from the UK, Ireland, Australia, or farther abroad? Please chip in to the comments section with your own recommendations.

Inside No. 9

Former League Of Gentlemen cohorts Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith team up for their finest work since the League called it a day with this anthology series of six standalone stories. Though tone and character shift dramatically from episode to episode all are united in their embrace of ultra dark comedy and the simple fact that all occur in a location branded Number 9, whether that be a house number, apartment number or other such thing. If you've only got time to check out one of these make it episode two, a comedic tour de force featuring Pemberton and Shearsmith as burglars in a story that plays out almost entirely without dialogue.

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