Explore Japan's Snowy Countryside In The First Trailer For HARU WO SEOTTE

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Explore Japan's Snowy Countryside In The First Trailer For HARU WO SEOTTE
Legendary cinematographer Kimura Daisaku's second directorial venture will takes us to Tateyama Mountain Range, the heart of Japan's snow country. Given his fondness for such locations, we might expect a lot of beautiful and unforgettable views in a sentimental and heartfelt film that centers around a rebellious man who goes back to his homeland after hearing about his father's sudden death.

Matsuyama Kenichi (Death Note, Norwegian Wood), one of the most prominent Japanese actors working today, plays the lead in this live-action adaptation of Sasamoto Ryohei's critically acclaimed 2011 novel Haru wo Seotte (literally Carrying Spring). The trailer gives first glimpse of the magnificent scenery and the wonderful ensemble cast comprised of Aoi Yu (Rurouni Kenshin, Tokyo Family), Toyokawa Etsushi (Inochi, Platinum Data), and Kobayashi Kaoru (Double Trouble, The Great Passage), among others.

Here's the film's description (via AsianWiki):

Tooru (Kenichi Matsuyama) spent his childhood living on the Tateyama Mountain Range with his father. He rebelled against his strict father and he now works as a trader in the financial world. One day, Tooru learns that his father has died. He travels back to the Tateyama Mountain Range for his father's funeral. Eventually, Tooru decides to stay on the mountains. He decides to takeover his father's cottage. At first, Tooru finds difficulties living on the mountain again, but soon he becomes healed by nature. A strange man then appears and introduces himself as Goro (Etsushi Toyokawa), a friend of his late father's.

Haru wo Seotte opens in Japan on June 14, 2014. Watch the trailer below!
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