AAAAAAAAH! Brace Yourself For Steve Oram's Monkey Romeo!

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AAAAAAAAH! Brace Yourself For Steve Oram's Monkey Romeo!
Here's a little something odd for fans of British comedy:

Word is out that Sightseers star Steve Oram will be making his directorial debut with Aaaaaaaah! - eight 'a's and proper punctuation a vital part of the title, thanks - a film that he describes as Romeo And Juliet meets The Planet Of The Apes. What on earth does that mean? It means no dialogue - not in any recognizable language, anyway - but with all of the actors grunting and otherwise behaving like monkeys.

And, yeah, that sounds crazy on paper and it sounds crazy brilliant once you learn who else is involved. The Mighty Boosh's Julian Barrett and Green Wing's Julian Rhind-Tutt will play the rival clan leaders with Hannah Hoekstra (Hemel) and Oram's regular comedy partner Tom Meeten in the other principal roles. Sightseers and Kill List producer Andy Starke will fill that same role here. Production is scheduled to begin in April.
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