BAD BOYS 3 In The Works? Whatcha Gonna Do?

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BAD BOYS 3 In The Works? Whatcha Gonna Do?
Ah, Bad Boys. I have a soft spot in my heart for these films. The first one came out when I was in college. Myself and some classmates were surrounded and questioned by police about a car theft in the area as we waited for the bus to head over to the cinema. "What are you boys doing tonight?" (Sheepish look) "Going to see Bad Boys, officer". It shows you the caliber of Toronto's police when they question guys at a bus stop about stolen cars. 

Moving on! Word has it that scribe David Gueggenheim is being courted by Sony Pictures to pen a third installment for the franchise. Gueggenheim wrote Safe House and its upcoming sequel, and upcoming projects like Narco Sub, Puzzle Palace and an adaptation of his own novel, Weaponized. It would seem that Sony is pleased with his most recent work for them, scripting the new draft of the Uncharted video game adaptation. 

Jerry Bruckheimer is reported to be producing again and Sony wants Will Smith and Martin Lawrence to reprise their roles. There is no word on whether or not Michael Bay will return to the directors seat. The first Bad Boys was the introduction of Bay to the World. He continued to knock it out of the park with The Rock, faltered a bit with Armageddon, then the cracks began to show with Pearl Harbor. Then he came back with Bad Boys II and has been fostering a love/hate relationship with cinema goers since then. I don't feel he would be missed but you cannot have a Bad Boys flick if you do not have Lawrence and Smith. 

So who would be a suitable replacement? 
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