Meet The Giant Wasps Of STUNG In Amazing First Still!

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Got a thing about bugs? Stung director Benni Diez certainly does and now well into production on the creature feature, he's got some very large ones on his hands.

A fancy garden party goes terribly wrong after a local species of wasps mutate into giant predators. It's up to Paul and Julia, two catering staffers at the high-society event, to stop the killer creatures - an effort that kickstarts a budding romance between the two.

Regular readers of ScreenAnarchy should be well familiar with this one by now. Matt O'Leary, Jessica Cook, Lance Henriksen and Clifton Collins star in the classically styled creature-feature comedy.

Things here really kicked off with a proof of concept video Diez shot to prove that he could handle the complex digital VFX needed to make the whole thing work - and you can see that video below - but now we've got our first still from the film and what we get is not digital at all but O'Leary facing off with a very real - by which I mean entirely practical and fully functional animatronic - bug. Yep, there's gonna be digital in here but Diez is doing as much with practical effects as he possibly can before augmenting with digital farther down the line and the results look pretty amazing.

I've been proud to be part of this one right from the beginning - I'm a producer on the picture with the company that I'm a partner in (XYZ Films) also handling international sales - and you can see the first fruit of our labor below. Remember you can click the image to enlarge.

Matt O'Leary faces off with a very large insect.

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