Trailer Alert: Check The New Red Band Trailer For Argento's DRACULA 3D!

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Trailer Alert: Check The New Red Band Trailer For Argento's DRACULA 3D!
"...In All Its Awfulness", I easily could have added. Because oh boy... does this look bad in places.

Basically this trailer takes the fun bits of the old industry screener we saw years ago, it adds a few more fun bits, and that is good news. What is definitely NOT good news, is that the cgi in the finished film still looks as much like a work-in-progress as it previously did. As does the color timing and the lighting.
Still, to be honest, this does look entertaining. And 3D actually does look better when there is enough light around, so that might explain why Dario Argento chose to make it all look as bright as it does. Making the rest of the film seem like a production made in the early seventies is, therefore, maybe intentional as well... maybe.

Do I need to explain that with the nudity and blood showers, this might be a teeny bit Not Safe For Work? Because that's what Red Band means, right? Good.
Not sure if that rating is real, by the way: it would be the first time I see people being warned for a "giant killer praying mantis" in a red band!
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