See The Zombie Kangaroo In Action In A Behind The Scenes Clip From WATERBORNE

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See The Zombie Kangaroo In Action In A Behind The Scenes Clip From WATERBORNE
Beware the undead marsupial for who knows what horrors lie within its pouch ...

Twitch has been closely following the development of Ryan Coonan's zombie kangaroo short film Waterborne - I was personally a supporter of their crowd funding campaign - for some time now. It's got a zombie kangaroo, after all, one created through the use of practical effects, and the materials released so far have all looked stellar.
Years of drought, flood, and fluctuating environmental conditions have taken their toll on a small country town. When a local ranger finds an unidentified algae multiplying in the water supply, he knows that something's not right - but it's not til the sun goes town that he realises the true extent of the danger.
The patience of crowd funders was rewarded yesterday with the release of a behind the scenes video that not only showed the kangaroo - created by Australia's Third Eye FX - in action but also included some first snippets of actual footage and a good look at the hands on approach to special effects in the film. It was so good that I immediately asked producer Marisa Brown for permission to share with you lot and the answer - clearly - was yes. Hop along to undead kangaroo carnage below.
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