Help A Zombie Kangaroo Kick You In The Face

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Help A Zombie Kangaroo Kick You In The Face
We love things kicking us in the face at ScreenAnarchy, and we especially love when they are preposterous zombie animals that should have been unleashed into the wide world before now. Even better when the main character is a guy named Todd, as ScreenAnarchy was founded by a guy named Todd.

So it is with Waterborne, a new short film in the works which has a guy named Todd fighting a zombie kangaroo. Art imitates life really. 

This short film is to act as a prequel to a feature film, which presumably features the whole ScreenAnarchy gang fighting off hordes of zombie fauna - including the famed Dropbear which often attacks tourists with its razor teeth. I'd like to see what weapons Gorber brings to the fight. 

Check out the Indiegogo page to chip in some funds, or check out the glimpse below.

Waterborne needs a zombie kangaroo from Ready to Roll on Vimeo.

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