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Monster Fest is upon Melbourne, Australia again. The second year of this genre-obsessed fest sees cult action, retro-stars and horror get the bloody red carpet treatment.

Monster Fest 2013 is even more eclectic this year, showcasing new genre film from Australia, festival favourites the world over, perverted Asian delights from twisted Japanese minds and my favourite; a well curated femme horror stream from the Stranger With My Face film festival.

Check out the Monsterfest website for full session times, dates and events.

Here are our picks for the festival this year!

Big Ass Spider

A recent genre festival darling, Big Ass Spider finally makes its mark in Melbourne.

Exterminator Alex is taken to hospital after being bitten by one of the spiders he was sent out to exterminate. While Alex flirts with the nurses in the recovery ward, a corpse is wheeled into the hospital; a corpse that unbeknownst to the doctors and nurses, is harbouring a new military experiment - a bio-engineered spider. When Major Tanner (Ray Wise, Twin Peaks) discovers the threat, he orders the hospital to be placed under tight quarantine - but that doesn't hold the fast moving, rapidly-growing, venom spewing arachnid for long, and soon the entire city of Los Angeles is under attack!

A funny and hair raising creature feature, check out our review here.

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