Venice 2013 Dispatch, Lost The Count Of Days: A Sliced Penis Is Not So Funny

Contributor; Italy, The Philippines
We've lost track of our days here at the Venice Film Festival. Time is so strict that it makes it impossible to talk about every single film and vision going on the big screen. The main competition remains maybe the weakest section of the glance, and we're actually not so sure that some hidden aces will still come the following (last) days. Roll on:


9 a.m screening of the latest Kim Ki-duk, Moebius. Controversial, extreme, brutal. After half an hour, the audience start laughing, like they are watching a Farrelly comedy. The reviews are mixed, but mostly negative. What a pity, because the film is actually a powerful tour de force towards family madness, with many exciting and evocative scenes in it. The Korean auteur has never been so aggressive, and unfortunately for the audience outside the Festival, Moebius will be shown in theatres censored of 3 minutes. The cut parts include the explicit penis scenes, and every reference to incest.

We had an early breakfast with the director, and he revealed to us that laughter wasn't absolutely intentional, and that in the Korean previews nobody laughed at all. Oh Kim, forgive the critics, for they do not know what they are doing.

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