Watch An Exclusive Clip From Kim Ki-duk's MOEBIUS

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Watch An Exclusive Clip From Kim Ki-duk's MOEBIUS
Acclaimed and controversial Korean auteur Kim Ki-duk returns to American shores with RAM Releasing launching its limited theatrical run for Kim's Moebius at Chicago's Facets Cinema today and we've got an exclusive clip to share.

Consumed with hatred against her husband for his long infidelity, the wife takes revenge against the husband but only inflicting a fatal wound to the son, and then disappears with guilt. For the son who has become miserable because of himself, the husband tries, only to realize that it is not recoverable, so he cuts off his manhood which is the source of all the misery and dedicates himself entirely for his son. As a result, the wound somewhat recovers, but when the wife returns home one day, the family is driven towards a more horrific destruction.
Though not a silent film Moebius unfolds entirely without dialogue and you can get a taste in the clip - in which the son exhibits a rather strange relationship with a piece of rock - below.
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