Trailer for DOM HEMINGWAY Offers A Lambchopped Jude Law

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Trailer for DOM HEMINGWAY Offers A Lambchopped Jude Law
Jude law is Dom Hemingway.  And you are not.  

In a similar vein as Chopper, Bronson and Sexy Beast, this often droll, occasionally gonzo, but compulsively watchable gangster yarn shows Law as an angry but funny thug who is looking for a payday after doing some hard time for his betters.  Plus Withnail himself, Richard E. Grant at his hang-doggiest, is on hand as Hemingway's dapper dressed sidekick. Watch for Grant's reaction shots in the trailer below, and you will get a sense of just how great he is in the film.  

Also, Game of Thrones' "Mother of Dragons" Emilia Clarke shows up briefly playing Hemingway's estranged daughter.  Like most trailers, this one is a bit spoilerific of some of the films key gags, but having seen the film myself, I can say they hold back the films two best sequences.  Dom Hemingway is a tad slight, but like its boisterous and crazy facial haired lead, it kind of grows on you.  So too, does it's trailer.  Have a look.

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