Live Action PATLABOR News: It's A Series And Also A Movie !

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Live Action PATLABOR News: It's A Series And Also A Movie !
Remember that in March and July, there was news about a live-action Patlabor project, with original anime-creator Oshii Mamoru personally involved in some way?
Well, yesterday, in a live-streamed press conference, all was officially revealed. And the news is: it's going to be a television series in 2014, followed by a theatrical film in 2015. Oshii Mamoru will direct the film, and some of the episodes of the series.

Titled The Next Generation -Patlabor-, neither the series nor the movie is planned to be a reboot of the anime. Instead, the story takes place years after the adventures of the original teams. In 2013, a new Patlabor section has to patrol Tokyo, and while the series will have a slapstick comedy aspect to them, the 2015 film is planned to be dead serious. So actually, that does kind-of follow the same strategy as with the original 7-episode OVA anime of the eighties...

For THIS series, one pilot and twelve 45-minute episodes have been planned. Kawai Kenji will be doing the music for both the series and the film, the female cast all have Major-Kusanagi-slash-Ash-from-Avalon haircuts, and Oshii has a rumored whopping twenty million dollars budget to play around with -- part of which has been spent on two full-size (eight meters tall) animatronic Patlabor robot vehicles. Fingers crossed, let's all hope this will be as awesome as it sounds!

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