L.A. Happenings: Satyajit Ray, Karen Black And The United States Of Horror

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Get the scoop on special and repertory screenings happening in Los Angeles this September 27 weekend and beyond.

Satyajit Ray Restored (Continuing Until October 21 At The Aero)

Sometimes I miss happenings in this sprawl of a city of ours, or well, in this case come in a week late, but we're now coming up on the core of the American Cinematheque's brilliant retrospective on arguably the more important Indian director in cinematic history.

Coming up the Aero is hosting a triple feature of Ray's seminal Apu Trilogy, and many double and single screenings, including The Adventures Of Goopy and Bagha & The Elephant God, plus Teen Kanya. All films are playing in new 35mm prints.

Click here for more info.

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