Keep On Truckin' In Hi-Def With The CONVOY (1978) UK Blu-ray

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Keep On Truckin' In Hi-Def With The CONVOY (1978) UK Blu-ray
Bizarrely based on the 1975 country and western song of the same name, Convoy (1978) is late period Peckinpah and not his finest work by any stretch. This rambling tale of CB radio-toting truckers and corrupt lawmen in New Mexico still bears the unmistakable hallmarks of a Sam Peckinpah film, though, despite significant on-set difficulties (due to the director's multi-substance abuse) and a tamer subject matter than most of his canon. 

Put aside your preconceptions and it's an enjoyably daft, if slight, romp for anyone that found Smokey and the Bandit just a little too chirpy. Kristofferson is highly watchable as 'Rubber Duck' and Magraw does her thing as well as you'd expect (or indeed, not expect). There's a hugely entertaining turn from Ernest Borgnine as corrupt sheriff Lyle 'Cottonmouth' Wallace too. Peckinpah handles the action with typical panache, and whilst it's not his most visceral film, the truck chases are a lot of fun. There's also perhaps the best movie bar room brawl ever

Less explicitly violent than his more celebrated films, it's still the typically heady mix of abrasive moments worked through with an overarching lyrical sensibility. 

To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the film's release, Studio Canal is releasing a restored version of Convoy uncut and on Blu-ray for the first time on 30 September. Also available on DVD.

Special Features 

Passion & Poetry - Sams Trucker Movie 
More Production Stills 
Trucker Notes From Norway 
US Radio Spots 
US TV Spot 

DVD tech specs: Cert: 12/ Region 2 / Total Running Time: 106 mins approx / Colour PAL/ Feature Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1/ Feature Audio: Mono 2.0/ English Language/ English & German Subtitles / Catalogue No: OPTD2558 / RRP: £15.99 

Blu-Ray tech specs: Cert: 12 / Region B / Total Running Time: 111 mins approx / Colour/ Dual Layer / Feature Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1/ Feature Audio: Mono 2.0 / English Language/ English, French & German Subtitles/ Catalogue No: OPTBD2558 / RRP: £19.99
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