Fantastic Fest 2013: Tamae Garateguy Drunkenly Reviews Tamae Garateguy's SHE WOLF

Contributor; Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fantastic Fest 2013: Tamae Garateguy Drunkenly Reviews Tamae Garateguy's SHE WOLF
My movie is the World's most innovative film, I like sex. And my movie has the hottest scenes and funny Anios the last 30, first Was the empire of the senses, I remember that movie was hot, I liked the scene of the knife, but we were talking about shewolf. It is colossal, is original, authorial, has the icon of penis trauma fantastic fest, the girls are cute, the boys also, how good is the Fantastic fest, there are guys very cute, cute cute! Seeketh telling a lover .... Listen I m Shewolf principal, I like sex And I want you to have sex!! Ok I m Latinoamerican Wonderwoman! no, I'm nympho!

But we were talking about the movie and not me, it's noise, it's punk, it's like a song by Patti Smith from Okinawa, I ma quarter Japnese,

$ 3. Le film is fantastic cherie, Original, unique, everyone will die at the hands of Shewolf! It's sharp, dangerous, different, the movie is great qqqqqqqqqq'm great the character is great, the out of focus, girl is crazy, and it's hot as hell!
Fuck, yeah

[Given that this is now the third year they have appeared in the pages of ScreenAnarchy, I suppose it can be said that drunken self reviews are now a Fantastic Fest tradition. Here's how it works. We sit down with the director and pour out (typically) five shots, though some allowance may be made for body mass. The director then has fifteen minutes to drink the shots. We pause a moment to allow the alcohol to hit the bloodstream, after which the director has thirty minutes to write a review of their own movie in their own language explaining why their movie is the greatest movie ever made. We then take the results and run them through Google Translate, publishing whatever comes out without any editing whatsoever. Argentinian helmer Tamae Garateguy becomes the first female to join in the foolishness, having joined us for a tasty Scotch.]
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