Fantastic Fest 2013: Day Three Images: Tim's Bloody Nose And Todd Eats His Shirt

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One of the highlights of the festival each year is the Fantastic Debates. Two men enter. They bicker a bit. They enter the ring and one man leaves as they say. If done right and in the spirit of fun the debates can be downright hysterical. Our own lord and master has entered the ring twice in years past and has come out victorious both times. And festival founder Tim League always offers his body science in the name of entertainment and always caps off the evening with a debate and fight of his own. And this year he entered into a debate with Man of Tai Chi director Keanu Reeves about the merits of Tae Kwon Do versus Tai Chi. Then he fought Tiger Chen. Though word has not trickled down from our team at the festival how the debate and fight went the photographic evidence and Tim's bloody nose suggests that the fight went in favor of Tiger Chen. 

And what is with Todd eating his own shirt before the screening of R100? Todd saw a film that he liked a lot during TIFF. So he went online and said if he found a crazier film during the festival he would eat his own shirt. A couple days later he saw R100. As Todd is a stand up fellow and a man of his word he ate his shirt before the screening at Fantastic Fest. As far as we know he is still alive. 

Tiger Chen, Keanu Reeves and Tim League at Fantastic Debates
Photo Credit - David Hill

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