Fantastic Fest 2013: Antonio Tublen Drunkenly Reviews Antonio Tublen's LFO

Contributor; Sweden
Fantastic Fest 2013: Antonio Tublen Drunkenly Reviews Antonio Tublen's LFO
Karate ! Yab boom ! Now you shall hear. Bergman, step aside. Now it's my turn . or ... ? LFO is crazy good . yup , so it . do you know it is synthezisers in it? So damn cool , right? where the hell do I start? Hmm ... yes, I'm on the fantastic party. loveliest festival ever ! Thanks to everyone who got the film there. , Tim league - you are wicked! Yes that's right, now we're talking LFO . FTW !
The film 's a bombastic masterpiece in. ... you have to see it. Hardcore !
Why should you watch it then? yes, it is just so damn nice . The cast is really good . The story is wonderfully weird . The music - well bastards ! ! !
electronic blip - blop in the plural . what we have down ? ...... Hypnosis fan !
Hypnosis is the thing. future. let's change the world. type now.
I ought to write about something like that. peace and stuff. but fuck it now.
by LFO we arrange peace. Robert North in the movie got it.
The movie , by the way Swedish . So it is.
Now I'll take one .... whatever. The movie fucking . okay, it was recorded in 10 days in Sweden . mountain man's homeland. and dolph lundgren . cruel!
raise your hand if you like dolph . hell , I'm uncomfortable.
I want to move to Austin . reach , lfo be spelled LFO . OK ?
the movie has it all. type as Canon Ball run . maybe the best film ever .
there is LFO with and play . it should not be missed . Now they talking to me. blue ! ok, let's be serious . the film is mental karate. we understand life after you have seen it. Facts! what 's it about , do you . yes it is all about you, how fucking kinky you are. right? By holding up a mirror in front of him . Karate against yourself . Bam! Boff ! tjoff !
You see a movie about yourselves. facts again .
Karate ! Karate ! Syntheziers in fusion . can it get any better than that?
XS fmk - heat loo!
Epilogue : Time to give a rating on this fantstiska film. 1-10 so is this one ............. 666 text ! ! ! Right?
No, let's be honest . it's a ......... 9.5.
Little more karate was not damaged but it is damn nice though.
See . find it. download it. I love you ! You are the best!
Authentic Swedish love! ÅåÄäÖö .

[Given that this is now the third year they have appeared in the pages of ScreenAnarchy, I suppose it can be said that drunken self reviews are now a Fantastic Fest tradition. Here's how it works. We sit down with the director and pour out (typically) five shots, though some allowance may be made for body mass. The director then has fifteen minutes to drink the shots. We pause a moment to allow the alcohol to hit the bloodstream, after which the director has thirty minutes to write a review of their own movie in their own language explaining why their movie is the greatest movie ever made. We then take the results and run them through Google Translate, publishing whatever comes out without any editing whatsoever. Swedish helmer Antonio Tublen joined us for some tasty vodka.]


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