CICHONGA: Thou Shalt Not Take His Beer

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CICHONGA: Thou Shalt Not Take His Beer
It was May in Buenos Aires and a one week long blackout happened. This was the scenery for Esteban Rojas to start working on Cichonga, his latest film.

In the urban jungle of Buenos Aires, Cichonga is the toughest badass around, until his nemesis steals his beer, the secret to his might and superhuman strength. Cichonga will have to pummel his way through to recover what is his.

Since his arrival in Argentina in 2006, Esteban Rojas has been part of the low budget independent filmmaking that has been brewing there since the 90's with Pablo Parés and Hernan Saéz Plaga Zombie. So don't be surprised when you spot both of them grinding along in Rojas' film.

You should definitely check the trailer that just arrived, and keep an eye on Esteban Rojas, you'll soon be hearing more about him.
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