Massive Scale Warfare In Second Trailer For Bondarchuk's STALINGRAD

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Massive Scale Warfare In Second Trailer For Bondarchuk's STALINGRAD
I recall when I first heard the term 'bullet ballet' applied to the work of John Woo, critics making note of the way the Hong Kong action master cut his gun play sequences to music to give them a sort of grace and beauty amidst the insane levels of destruction. Well, if that was the case with Woo then what do we call what Russian director Fedor Bondarchuk is doing with his big budget 3D war epic Stalingrad - a film that appears to take those principals, amp them up by a full order of magnitude and then wed them to the aesthetic of films like 300?

Bondarchuk is no stranger to these pages, his previous war effort The 9th Company making fans of us several years back thanks to its blend of technical polish and character detail. Will Stalingrad feature that same attention to character? I have no idea but the sheer scope of destruction in this film version of one of the bloodiest battles in modern history is absolutely jaw dropping, as is the style with which it is executed.

The first trailer for Stalingrad arrived back in May and it has now been followed by a second effort. Take a look below.
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