January Jones Shoots A Lot of Bad Folks in SWEETWATER Trailer

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January Jones Shoots A Lot of Bad Folks in SWEETWATER Trailer
Despite a fair number of film roles, Mad Men's January Jones has not been able to break meaningfully into the cinema. In Sweetwater, writer-director Logan Miller has anchored a film around her as an avenging angel in a purple dress.

In the late 1800s, a fanatical religious leader, a renegade Sheriff, and a former prostitute collide in a blood triangle on the rugged plains of the New Mexico Territory. Those western archetypes are played with a little bot of that old time scenery chewing by Ed Harris, Jason Isaacs and, of course, Ms. Jones. They may be hard to spot, but the talented Eduardo Noriega and Stephen Root (also cameo-ing in the much larger scale The Lone Ranger) round out the supporting cast. While Sweetwater does not appear to be rewriting any of the rules in the genre, its nice to see that some folks are interested in keeping the good old fashioned exploitation Western alive and kicking.

Bill Graham caught it at the Dallas International Film Festival back in April, and liked it for its grim unpredictability:

The fun really begins once those three characters converge and things are truly sent spiraling. Like a ricocheting bullet, it's hard to determine where Sweetwater -- directed by Logan Miller from a script by Andrew McKenzie, Logan, and brother Noah Miller -- is going to end. Violent and dark, this feels like a William Friedkin-esque attempt at a Western set in the New Mexico territory around the 1800s. There are rare spurts of humor and most of it is from the way that people are dispatched without hesitation by the mostly straight-faced cast.

Note to Montreal folks, the film is playing Fantasia on July 22. And for those in the UK, the film was released on DVD in June under the title Sweet Vengeance. No release in the USA outside of the festival circuit seems to be forthcoming, yet.
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