A Dozen Directors We'd Love To See Handed A Cool Hundred Million

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We all know the phenomenon: there are movies out there that we'd love to see, but do not get their financing sorted. Some directors are just not lucky enough, some seem to be cursed (cough-Gilliam-cough), but sometimes directors just aren't considered to be "hot" or "marketable" enough to place a big financial risk on. So what I want to explore in this article is the following:

What if some bored billionaire philanthropist just picks up his mobile, calls a director he likes and says:

"I love what you're doing. Here is 100,000,000 USD, no questions asked. Spend it all on your movie. Have fun, no further interference from me, but make it a good one!"

Which directors would I want this to happen to? Well, me of course, if my holiday home-movies count...

But here are a dozen others. Some are experienced, some are as yet unproven, some actually have worked with similar budgets before (but under restraints...), and some probably do not even know what a big pile of money LOOKS like.

Richard Raaphorst

This year we finally got (or, for most people, still get) to see Frankenstein's Army, and while that film sure was entertaining, it hardly scraped the surface of Richard's design prowess. Having seen some of his more elaborate design sketches, I start to salivate when I think what he could do with all possible financial troubles out of the way.

With this kind of budget secured, would Richard Raaphorst join the ranks of great visionary filmmakers, or would he be forgotten with a nasty clunker on his resume? I'd love to find out...

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