Watch The Second Trailer For Johnnie To's BLIND DETECTIVE

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Watch The Second Trailer For Johnnie To's BLIND DETECTIVE
To say that the reaction to Johnnie To's Blind Detective in Cannes was less than enthusiastic is to be rather kind, if we're being honest. There was something of a critic-pile-on with the film and my hunch is that the poster to the left offers a clue as to why. Tonally it's an odd one, the premise reading like a hard crime film while the director drops in a duo (Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng) known for their wacky romcom pairings in the lead.

But, hey ... Johnnie To, right? And that means there a whole lot people all around the world who are going to withold judgement on this one until they have a chance to see for themselves and now here's a chance to see at least a little bit with the arrival of a second trailer fo the film. Take a look below.
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