The Life Of A Judge: Trailer For EL MUDO, A Sly, Dark Comedy

The Life Of A Judge: Trailer For EL MUDO, A Sly, Dark Comedy
Sibling directors Daniel and Diego Vega have become two of the most promising filmmakers in modern Peruvian cinema, and all with just one film under their belts. 2010's October was a drama with comedic elements about a Scrooge-like loner forced to take care of an orphaned baby. It was well-received by critics and audiences and went on to win the Un Certain Regard Prize at that year's Cannes Film Festival.

The Vega Bros. (sadly, no relation to a Tarantino film) are back with sophomore feature El Mudo, another dark comedy about a judge who, after a series of unexpected happenings, turns paranoid with the fear that someone is out to murder him. With the Peruvian justice system being regularly accused of corruption and judges being seen as menaces to society, it's a topic ripe for some humorous skewering.

El Mudo is a co-production between the brothers' own company, Maretazo Cine, France's Urban Factory, and Mexico's No Dreams Cinema. This ensures that it will gain worldwide distribution and a spot at film festivals. Here's hoping lightning can strike twice for the Vega Brothers.

Watch the trailer below.

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