Spoilery New Clip From Gareth Evans and Timo Tjahjanto's SAFE HAVEN Segment From V/H/S/2

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Spoilery New Clip From Gareth Evans and Timo Tjahjanto's SAFE HAVEN Segment From V/H/S/2
Over here in Australia we're going to have to wait a little longer for Roadshow to release V/H/S/2 but across the Pacific in the US audiences are able to watch it right now dammit! Directed by Simon Barrett, Adam Wingard, Edúardo Sanchez, Gregg Hale, Timo Tjahjanto, Gareth Huw Evans and Jason Eisener, from all reports (including our own review right here) V/H/S/2 is a bigger, scarier, more badass sequel.

Inside a darkened house looms a column of TVs littered with VHS tapes, a pagan shrine to forgotten analog gods. The screens crackle and pop endlessly with monochrome vistas of static--white noise permeating the brain and fogging concentration. But you must fight the urge to relax: this is no mere movie night. Those obsolete spools contain more than just magnetic tape. They are imprinted with the very soul of evil.

From the demented minds that brought you last year's V/H/S comes V/H/S/2, an all-new anthology of dread, madness, and gore. This follow-up ventures even further down the demented path blazed by its predecessor, discovering new and terrifying territory in the genre. This is modern horror at its most inventive, shrewdly subverting our expectations about viral videos in ways that are just as satisfying as they are sadistic. The result is the rarest of all tapes--a second generation with no loss of quality.

Thanks to Magnet Releasing we have a clip from the film to show you, from the much raved about segment Safe Haven, directed by The Raid's Gareth Evans and Timo Tjahjanto (who was responsible for the most screwed up segment in The ABCs of Death, "L is for Libido"). 

A word of warning: from everything I've read about the film, what you see in the clip seems to constitute pretty heavy spoilers. I wasn't that worried about being spoiled but felt I'd already seen too much just 10 seconds into the clip. So if you want to be unspoiled and experience the madness as it unfolds, look away now. 

And if you live in the States and you haven't watched the movie yet, do that right now!
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