Opening In Chile: Rutger Hauer And Manuela Martelli In THE FUTURE

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Opening In Chile: Rutger Hauer And Manuela Martelli In THE FUTURE

Attention people in Chile, Chileans or tourists visiting, there's a new movie opening today (June 6) and it's one of the most long-awaited Chilean productions of all year (besides the two films starring Michael Cera and directed by Sebastiàn Silva). Directed by Alicia Scherson and starring the international star Rutger Hauer (Hobo with a Shotgun, Blade Runner) and the most beloved young actress of Chile, Manuela Martelli (MachucaB-Happy), The Future opens on more than 12 screens all over Chile, including the always classic "Cine Normandie," as well as in major chains.

The film, based on the novel "Una novelita lumpen" by Chilean author Roberto Bolaño, follows Bianca (Martelli) and her brother after the death of their parents and how they reflect their life in a lonely apartment in Rome, subjected to the fears of a tight economy and the bad anxieties that her brother begins to experience when he starts to work at a local gym. That's when the opportunity to steal the treasure of a retired American actor, Maciste (Hauer), appears to secure the future of this broken family. But the sacrifice Bianca has to make is maybe too big for her.

After opening in Sundance this year, this film had many other showings around the world, including the Dallas IFF where Bill Graham reviewed it for this site, and I quote:

"There's a way to be grossly exploitative and then there's The Future, an Italian film that has a heaping amount of female nudity and yet never feels grotesque. That it is one actresses' frame on display over and over helps to give the film a sense of ease. We witness youth's exploration of sexuality and the way that can be used as casually as a handshake or lead to so much more. Sex is a gateway: to adult hood; to a relationship; to knowledge; to money; to power; to the harsh realities of life. There aren't so much profound life lessons within as there are an opening up of the discussion for these ideas."
The film also had a showing at the Buenos Aires International Film Festival (BAFICI) of this year, and I also did a small capsule review for another site, and that I quote here:

"This is among my favorite films of the year 2013 and it's a pleasure to find the powerful performances and the amazing cinematography, it feels like a major production, it's always entertaining and mesmerizing to watch, and when the plot finally goes towards its final stretch, it becomes emotional and incredible.It also has the first believable and actually good performance of Manuela Martelli."
Anyway, that's just two guys' opinions, what will you think? Go see it this weekend if you are around this area. I'd love to hear some feedback and reactions on one of my favorite Chilean films in a long time.
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