Flash A Gorilla With Pilou Asbaek In The Trailer For SEX, DRUGS & TAXATION

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Flash A Gorilla With Pilou Asbaek In The Trailer For SEX, DRUGS & TAXATION
A man exposing himself to a gorilla is not what I would typically expect to see in the trailer for a new film by Christoffer Boe but evidently this is what happens when the director of Reconstruction, Beast, and Offscreen tackles the real life story of Mogens Glistrup and Simon Spies - a politician and travel magnate whose friendship would eventually lead to scandal.

The true story about the spectacular friendship between two notorious and provocative Danes: the eccentric lawyer-turned-politician Mogens Glistrup, and the "travel king", millionaire, womanizer and public provocateur, Simon Spies. Despite their different ways of life Glistrup and Spies become best friends, and together they turn Spies Travels into one of most profitable travel agencies in Scandinavia in the 1960s and 1970s. They make and spend more money that anyone else but when Glistrup goes public that he doesn't pay taxes - and nobody should! - their business collaboration and friendship face an impossible challenge. A true story too strange to be fiction.
Nicolas Bro and Pilou Asbaek take the lead roles and the results look truly peculiar. Spies had a thing for spanking, apparently, coupled with an extreme distaste for shaving. Take a look below.

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