The WASTELANDER PANDA Emerges With A Trio Of New Episodes

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The WASTELANDER PANDA Emerges With A Trio Of New Episodes
The post-apocalyptic panda returns with a trio of new episodes arriving online from Victoria Cocks' Wastelander Panda. A project that began as a joke during a university lecture, Wastelander Panda first emerged into the public eye with the release of a prologue video that garnered a huge response online. Word of mouth spread initially due to the bizarre concept - the wandering adventures of a panda bear warrior in a post apocalyptic landscape - but then grew exponentially once people realized this was actually really, really good.

The project has expanded since, with the current goal being a full television series in an expansive world where, no, pandas with not be the only anthropomorphized animals roaming about. And that goal came a lot closer to fruition today with the launch of the official website including three mini-episodes ranging between eight and sixteen minutes along with additional information to deepen the experience.

While there is the occasional hiccup in these new videos - all of which can be put down to budgetary limits - the world is absolutely remarkable, a sort of fusion of Mad Max, Zatoichi and Lone Wolf And Cub with the obvious exception being that the hero here is a blade wielding panda bear. I am embedding the first episode below but I do recommend watching the others on the official site, where the videos are presented with links to additional information alongside them so you can dive right in to this fascinating world.
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