SPARTACUS Duo Liam McIntyre and Viva Bianca Join TURKEY SHOOT Reboot

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SPARTACUS Duo Liam McIntyre and Viva Bianca Join TURKEY SHOOT Reboot
With the new trailer for Mark Hartley's remake of Australian cult classic Patrick only launching yesterday, it's time for more news of the highly-specialised 'remake of Aussie exploitation movie that everyone remembers thanks to Not Quite Hollywood' variety. Today's news concerns Turkey Shoot, which apparently was also called Escape 2000 and - my favourite - Blood Camp Thatcher when released outside Australia.

Tony Ginnane who produced the original 1982 cult classic Turkey Shoot (and who produced both the original Patrick and the recent remake) has got together with director Jon Hewitt, who made the fantastic Acolytes and X, to bring this remake back to big screens. With The Hunger Games being a monster success there's no better time to revisit the terrifying year 1995! Where hunting is the national sport! And people are the prey! Check out the original grindhouse trailer below.

Titled Turkey Shoot: Resurrected, the film has already lured in Spartacus: Vengeance co-stars Liam McIntyre and Viva Bianca - with Hewitt previously working with Bianca in X. Until now McIntyre has mostly been a TV guy, but recently booked a major big screen role in Hercules 3D directed by Renny Harlin. Having been a fan of McIntyre since his early work I'd like to see him move away from codpieces and schlock, so let's hope these films are just stepping stones into better movie roles.
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