New PACIFIC RIM Wondercon Trailer Shows Robots Beating Monsters With Boats

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New PACIFIC RIM Wondercon Trailer Shows Robots Beating Monsters With Boats
I admit I'm a total neophyte when it comes to most Japanese-style monster movies (I had to look up Kaiju to remember what the hell the subgenre is called...) I'm vaguely aware about words like "Macross", and Robotech was this weird cartoon on when I was a young adolescent that never seemed as fun as Voltron.

Still, based on evidence to date, I think I'm going to like Pacific Rim a whole lot. Plus, it looks like a robot dude is going to beat the shit out of a monster with a boat. "That's kind of awesome", sayeth my inner 12 year-old.

Launched on the film's Facebook page, this is a trailer originally cut for Wondercon, where GDT made the announcement, "I think it's time for me to show you more footage. Enjoy, my friends!"

The newest trailer seems to contain even more of what I'm looking for in the film, from epic battles to a sense of real, ominous doom. Frankly, this is a giant sandbox for Guillermo to play in, and I'm pretty hopeful that at feature length it'll all hang together.

Others are more cynical, with several of our writers saying this trailer "leaves them cold." We want to know what you have to say- be you neophyte like me or fully immersed in this genre culture, are you guys feeling positive about this film from what you've seen so far?
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