HK Filmart 2013: BLIND DETECTIVE Press Conference

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HK Filmart 2013: BLIND DETECTIVE Press Conference

Ah, the excitement of a press conference! Actually, though it may sound dry and boring -- and I'm sure the repetition would dilute the impact quickly -- the first press conference I attended in Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago proved to be highly entertaining.

For a long-time fan of Hong Kong cinema, there's the fun of seeing Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng live on stage, in front of dozens of photographers, not to forget director Johnnie To, all to introduce the teaser and first posters for the upcoming Blind Detective. And, though the event was conducted entirely in Cantonese, in which I am not fluent at all, it's not exactly difficult to follow what's going on in the highlights presented in the video below.

Thanks to the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council for providing the raw footage from the press conference, which I pieced together and prefaced with an introduction shot on the Filmart floor, talking just a little bit about my experience. (Please forgive the raw look of the footage.)

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