I Feel the Need...The Need for TOP GUN in IMAX 3D!!!

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I Feel the Need...The Need for TOP GUN in IMAX 3D!!!
"Is this your idea of fun, man?"

Why yes, Goose, it really does conform with my idea of fun.

We finally have a release date for the IMAX 3D post-convert of Tony Scott's sublime Top Gun. A deliciously homoerotic jingoistic recruitment video for the US Navy, this film defined an entire decade, helped make Tom Cruise into an Icon, and forever made the F14 far more hip than its lowly F16 cousin.

Between Harold Faltermeyer sweeping synth-and-rock guitar score, the perfect mushy pop ballad ("Take My Breath Away"), and the propulsive Logginsian squeal of "Danger Zone", even the music will make for a heck of an evening, the sounds of whooshing jets and vintage keyboard sounds erupting from the massive sound system.

On the giant screen, we're likely to be treated to a dizzyingly fabulous onslaught of swooping Migs and darting American aircraft. The apotheosis of the Scott/Simpson/Bruckheimer years, this is a film deserving of such a large canvas, and is preposterous enough to warrant such care an attention spent in turning it into the large format cinematic themepark ride it was always meant to be. One can only hope this is a prelude to the long-rumoured sequel, a film that can one day hopefully pickup the pieces after Scott's untimely death.

Pushed back slightly from its proposed late-2012 release, Top Gun in IMAX 3D will soar into a theatre near you for a limited time only, starting February 19, 2013, before being released on 3D Blu-ray soon after.

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