Celluloid Screams 2012 Full Lineup! SIGHTSEERS! RESOLUTION! ENTITY! And One Heck Of A Trailer.

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Celluloid Screams 2012 Full Lineup! SIGHTSEERS! RESOLUTION! ENTITY! And One Heck Of A Trailer.
UK ScreenAnarchy readers around the Midlands at the end of the month might like to be reminded that there's another local festival around this time of year (as well as Manchester's Grimmfest) that caters for those cineastes who prefer their movies weird and wonderful. Sheffield horror festival Celluloid Screams returns for its 2012 outing over the weekend of 26-28 October, serving up three days of prime genre cinema, both new releases and classic screenings.

The full lineup's been out for a little while now but with a new (and pretty awesome) trailer to pitch the festival, what better time to let you know all the fun you could be having in a few weeks' time?

celluloid screams 2012_sightseers.jpgFirst up, getting a gala presentation on the opening night is much-loved Brit director Ben Wheatley's Sightseers. Following the acclaim he picked up for bleak, darkly comic hitman drama Kill List, Wheatley returns with the story of a couple on a caravanning tour around the British Isles that goes slowly, horribly askew. Todd praised Sightseers at its Toronto screening a few weeks ago. Wheatley is scheduled to turn up at the Showroom for a Q&A after the film.

celluloid screams 2012_nightbreed cabal cut.jpgThe restored presentation of Clive Barker's famously mangled Nightbreed - The Cabal Cut - adds another spot on its UK festival tour. Hacked up by the studios on its original release, this new version has been pieced together from two newly discovered workprints as well as the theatrical cut, and members of the cast and crew are set to join in a Q&A after the screening.

celluloid screams 2012_resolution.jpgUS indie horror Resolution gets its UK premiere at Celluloid Screams, the story of a man who accepts what he thinks is his junkie best friend's cry for help and heads to his woodland hideaway to try and straighten him out. Then things get deeply, deeply weird, with all manner of reality-warping oddness going on along with constant meta gags for the alert viewer to latch on to. Kurt liked Resolution fine when it screened at Fantasia 2012, as did Peter when he caught it at Tribeca.

celluloid screams 2012_entity.jpgAnother Brit shocker on the list is Steve Stone's Entity, going for dark corridors, abandoned buildings and things flitting through the shadows as a reality TV crew investigating unsolved crimes end up uncovering more than they bargained for when they investigate an abandoned industrial facility. I caught an early screening of the trailer for this one at Bradford Film Festival earlier this year and if the film keeps up that level of grimy, cloying chill it could be something pretty special. Fingers crossed!

celluloid screams 2012_hidden in the woods.jpgIf you're into lo-fi splatter or the wilfully controversial Celluloid Screams is screening freakish Canadian horror-comedy Manborg - Josh and Andy both gave this one the thumbs up on its festival run last year - and we also get the Chilean shocker Hidden in the Woods. James raised an eyebrow over the sheer extent of the violence and general nastiness on display in this piece of women-get-revenge exploitation - there were a few heated dismissals of this one in our comments threads on the Frightfest coverage but if you like your horror as savagely over-the-top as possible, then, well, seems like this one's for you. Not judging! (Freak.)

And that's only a taster. Fourteen films over three days plus a mystery screening, a full helping of shorts (another fifteen of these) and a very special art exhibition running throughout the festival (more on this in a separate post. Trust me, it deserves it). You can order tickets or a full festival pass for Celluloid Screams via their website, plus check the rest of the lineup and the partner offers they've got for accomodation if you're coming in from out of town.

All going well I should be at Celluloid Screams covering as much as I can for ScreenAnarchy, but I'll leave you with that trailer (seriously, it's a good 'un, if very Not Safe For Work) and the hope that if you're in the area you'll be able to make it there.

Header from the official poster for Celluloid Screams 2012, designed by Tom J. Newell.

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mightyjoeyoungOctober 1, 2012 5:42 PM

"All going well I should be at Celluloid Screams covering as much as I can for Twitch"
I will be looking forward to that, thanks for the list Mr Lee.