GANDU Director Trips Out A Classic. Watch The TASHER DESH Trailer.

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GANDU Director Trips Out A Classic. Watch The TASHER DESH Trailer.
Indian indie maverick Q made a huge splash around the world with his recent feature Gandu - a film that has won acclaim around the world while being denied a release in its own country. But distribution troubles or no, Q has moved right on to his latest effort: An adaptation of classic stage play Tasher Desh.

Tasher Desh is one of Tagore's most famous dance operas, a unique genre he developed that was influenced by Western opera.

A Prince, tired of suffocating in his palace, goes in search of adventure. Accompanied by a far more conventional travelling companion, a Merchant, the mismatched pair get shipwrecked in the Land of Cards . Here the inhabitants are playing cards, well regulated and devoid of emotions. With the wild force of his personality, the Prince starts to effect change in the Cards and gradually their human qualities begin to emerge...
Scheduled to have its world premiere at the Rome International Film Festival, ScreenAnarchy is proud to present the first trailer for Q's Tasher Desh. Check out this incredibly bold, vibrant and challenging bit of work below.
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