XL Teaser Promises Political Debauchery.

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XL Teaser Promises Political Debauchery.
Director Marteinn Thorsson was a much needed injection of adrenaline in to the Icelandic film scene, where most directors are static, lack personal vision and style, with his second feature and first solo director project Stormland. A film that played around with styles and techniques and was something not many directors, outside maybe commercial directors, had attempted in a feature film over here.

Now Marteinn has teamed up again with Stormland's leading actor Olafur Darri Olafsson to deliver XL, a raw and gritty black comedy about a member of parliament with a substance abuse problem throwing a last hurrah party before heading in to rehab.

XL is about the adventures of Leif Sigurdarson, party hound, boozer, womanizer, ex-familyman and young Senator, who is ordered into rehab by his friend and colleague, the Prime Minister, following a very public art exhibition brawl. 
But before Leif is committed, he throws a party for his dearest ones, including Erik, a business partner and underworld kingpin, Christina, his lawyer and loyal adviso
r, and Æsa, his young lover - and his daughter's best friend.  
As the party progresses we learn more about Leif´s past, his dealings and relationships, and how he plans and executes his revenge on the Prime Minister. We discover not only a man crouching on the edge of an abyss, but a whole nation already falling into it after decades of identity crisis.

The film will be released in January 2013 in Iceland and today the producers released the first teaser which you can view below.

Check out XL's Facebook page for images and more updates.

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