Fantastic Fest: Øystein Karlsen Drunkenly Reviews Øystein Karlsen's FUCK UP

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Fantastic Fest: Øystein Karlsen Drunkenly Reviews Øystein Karlsen's FUCK UP
The best thing about this movie is definitely the all the different teams in both grades and the Building up of the film. It seems so mom author has complete control over the way layer upon layer of history and emotions are revealed. In addition to the excellent performances and an amazing soundtrack, the film is a journey into the depths of human nature. Its ustreberske and light footed storytelling helps to emphasize that this is a movie from beginning to the creation of superior forces, all "at the top of their game." If you see one film this year is the Fuck Up. A ernergisk, emotional, energetic atmospheric story that whips forward and leave you again crying with a smile on his face when the credits come. Superlative is too small in the description of this masterpiece that has set the standard Norwegian film and in this second brought out to the rest of the world.

[Throughout Fantastic Fest ScreenAnarchy will be presenting a series of drunken reviews of films as penned by the film's own director. They are created under the following rules. The director will be poured five shots of alcohol, which they have fifteen minutes to drink. They then have half an hour to write, in their own language, why their movie is the greatest movie ever made. The answers will then be run through Google Translate and posted as is.]

Fuck Up

  • Øystein Karlsen
  • Øystein Karlsen
  • Jon Øigarden
  • Tuva Novotny
  • Anders Baasmo Christiansen
  • Atle Antonsen
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