EXCLUSIVE: Dada Chen Sucks In New Clip From VULGARIA

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EXCLUSIVE: Dada Chen Sucks In New Clip From VULGARIA
Already the most successful Hong Kong film of the year, and coming off a Best Actor win at last night's Fantastic Fest Awards, the hilarious Category III comedy Vulgaria is about to hit US theatres courtesy of China Lion, and so we come to this new clip. 

Vulgaria is the latest film from writer/director Pang Ho Cheung, whose previous work includes such diverse films as Dream Home, Love In A Puff and Isabella, and charts the trials and tribulations of a struggling film producer (Chapman To), who will do just about anything to secure financing for his next film. When he gets caught up with a model nicknamed "Popping Candy" (Dada Chen), who is hustling for an acting career, To soon finds her advances impossible to resist and in danger of destroying his already rocky family life.

The film opens in North America on 28 September, and the following clip gives a pretty accurate taster of what is in store:
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