James Gunn In Talks For Marvel's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

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James Gunn In Talks For Marvel's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY
Well, now. It would appear Marvel is trying their very best to do something that - should they succeed - is either going to prove to be brilliant or disastrous. There will be no middle ground and my money is on brilliant.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel is currently in exclusive talks with Slither and Super director James Gunn to direct the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy.

The down side to selecting Gunn for this sort of project is obvious. He's never dealt with anything on nearly this scale in terms of budget, action or digital effects. The up side, however, is equally obvious. The man has a remarkable knack for humanizing offbeat - and often bizarre characters - and a deft touch for balancing elements of action, comedy, tension and character. And those strengths will obviously be necessary to bring a super hero team that includes a sentient tree and a talking raccoon to the big screen.

Marvel has made a remarkable string of directing decisions thus far - in many cases making choices every bit as surprising as this - so what say you? Brilliance or lunacy?
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