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You know it makes sense. Arcayus, the Wastelander Panda, the last of his kind, has been walking the blasted post-apocalyptic earth, surviving off the land and protecting the weak from the marauding gangs. Now he wants to go to SXSW and you can help him get there. 

As we reported earlier this week, Wastelander Panda began as a Prologue (below) teasing an entire series and mythology, and since then the filmmakers have raised a whole swag of money from online fans to shoot three more episodes of the show. 

The plan is to launch these new eps at SXSW in 2013 but in case they don't score an official invite, the filmmakers want to guarantee they'll be there by asking fans to vote online. Rather than have me explain how I'll just link to their website which runs through how to go about it. Better be quick as voting closes this Friday! 

I'm also happy to see, from the picture of Arcayus above, that the Bondi Hipsters fashion label Athleticacaca is really taking off. The over-shirt he's wearing is unmistakably the Toga Tee, as worn by Dom Nader during his recent trip to London with his brah, Adrian Archer. Totes. 
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