Jennifer Tse Stays Covered Up in New NAKED SOLDIER Poster

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Jennifer Tse Stays Covered Up in New NAKED SOLDIER Poster
Uber-producer Wong Jing returns with Naked Soldier, the third of his Naked movies, in what appears to be a decennial tradition, following on from Naked Killer in 1992 and 2002's Naked Weapon. This time Marco Mak is in the director's chair and Jennifer Tse is the drop dead gorgeous killer, who slowly discovers that she had a different life before becoming a cold-blooded assassin.  

I'm curious to see how well Tse shapes up as an action heroine, as the film sees her going head-to-head with the likes of Sammo Hung, Philip Ng and Andy On. If martial arts prowess proves to run in the Tse family then Naked Soldier has every chance of being a somewhat guilty pleasure. However, the first trailer showed Tse doing little more than running and shooting guns, and suggests that the high kicks and softcore thrills are in the hands of everybody else. 

This new poster certainly suggests a degree of confidence in Wong's new leading lady - following in the footsteps of Chingmy Yau and Maggie Q - but whether or not she can truly deliver the goods still remains to be seen.

Naked Soldier arrives in Hong Kong late August.
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